[NMLUG] New meeting time/place

Aaron Birenboim nmlug@swcp.com
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:40:01 -0700

Sounds to me like one of the Jefferson Industrial Area
locations is preferable.
Do both Oso Grande and Compaq have :
   * Net connection
   * Projectors (from SVGA outputs...)

If so, I don't care which.  Which of you two is most
willing to take on responsibility for the meeting location?

Would people mind replying to me about wheather
a Jefferson/I-25 area meeting location is acceptable?

The next problem is meeting time.
Second Wednesday was chosed so that it would
multiplex with the 3rd wednesday ASIGUNIX meeting.
Perhaps this was a bad idea.  If we meet at a different
time from ASIGUNIX it might give a forum for those
who are busy on Wednesday evening.

Since this is kind of a technical/working club, I would
prefer to avoid weekend meetings.
That leaves M-Th evening meetings.

Lets try to choose an evening first.
Then we'll try to choose which week of the month.

Please write to me, and say which evenings (M-Th)
you are ABLE AND would be LIKELY to make meetings... at least sometimes.
(I have 2 other clubs, one meets 2nd Tuesday, the other
1st monday)  So, in general, I'm free any evening.
But if we choose M or Tu, I'll fight to avoid certain weeks.

Hopefully we can reach some sort of consensus.
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