[NMLUG] New meeting time/place

Aaron Birenboim nmlug@swcp.com
Thu, 01 Nov 2001 15:56:33 -0700

Matt Grommes wrote:
> I'd prefer Thursday to Monday only because it's had for to get out of
> the office by 6pm on most Mondays.
> I think the Oso Grande offices or the Compaq office sound about the best
> for meetings as long as they're open. I think I read that the Oso Grande
> space is bigger so that may be a concern.

Cheryl seems to indicate that Oso Grande will be happy to
host.  Projectors can be reserved, if we make arrangements
in advance.

With this reply, it seems like the vocal people are leaning
towards Thurdsay.

That makes sense to me.  I, too, am often a bit fried
on Monday.

Any comments (pro or con) on meeting 2nd Thurdsay at Oso Grande?
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