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Aaron Birenboim nmlug@swcp.com
Thu, 01 Nov 2001 16:46:04 -0700

"Robbins, Wesley L" wrote:

> This is why I personally think Linux is not a desktop standard
> for the average user.  As I wrote this the reason Linux fails
> is exactly why I love Linux. It can do anything you want. You
> just need to give it the effort.

This is the reason that I think LINUX is ready for
SOME desktops.  It is tricky.  But very configurable.
Hence I do think it is/should be THE choice for most
small-office settings and dedicated computers.
Any organization large enough to have an MIS guy
(at least part-time) can reasonably deploy LINUX.
But you do need a professional available to get
it set up, and software installed.

LINUX runs office apps, custom data entry, and
WWW browsing.  I think its GOOD that the average
secretary has trouble using her desktop to play
games or listen to internet radio.

> ....  I just grab the WinDVD CD I got
> with my DVD drive and install under windows. This is not the
> exception under Linux.

I still use windoze for this reason.
Sure I could get Linux to play my DVD's, run my
scanner and digital camera, etc.  But its just
not worth the many hours it would take me to get
this running.

But my work is all LINUX.  For work its worth the effort
to install the tools I need.

> Generally,  I unfortunately need to steer people away from Linux.

So do I ;-(
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