[NMLUG] Network Gear Donations

Warner Losh nmlug@swcp.com
Sun, 04 Nov 2001 19:20:37 -0700

In message <20011104191820.A2106@localhost.localdomain> "Mike Sabin" writes:
: On Sat, Nov 03, 2001 at 08:44:56AM -0700, Aaron Birenboim wrote:
: > We need some network gear for the Truman M.S. project.
: > We need:
: > 
: >     Several NIC's and/or transcievers for ISA, PCI, Mac.
: >          (They have several old macs, which may not be PCI, I dunno.)
: > 
: I have several 10 mb/s ISA NICs, will take RJ-45.  All ne2000, I
: think.  Also, a BOATLOAD of 72 pin EDO RAM sticks (mostly fairly
: low density, I think); and a P233 MMX proc. and heatsink.  I'm 
: in Santa Fe.

I have a boatload of 10Mbps 10BaseT ethernet cards, sadly they are all
Tiara cards with no drivers.

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