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C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 20:39:28 -0700

On Monday 05 November 2001 18:36, you wrote:
> sarang@sarangworld.com wrote:
> > I can't say I'm proud of it, but every few months, I create tar files and
> > burn CD-R(W)s as backups.
> Frankly, so do I.
> Wouldn't dump work to a file?
> Its not as good as a tape (where the data is OFF the hard drive
> every night) but couldn't you have a procedure like:

This far my own solution would be to have an old crappy box sitting across 
the network (probably in a different room) with two high-capacity drives 
serving NFS. Every night, each computer sends it's crucial data (/etc, /home, 
/usr/local, whatever) to the backup server where it's archived and mirrored 
to the second disk. 

Sure, it's none too elegant, but it's cheap (compared to tape drive + tapes), 
effortless, (once set up), reliable (with two drives), and robust so long as 
you have a way to be notified when something goes wrong. The hardest part is 
going to be writing all the shell scripts to make something like this work 
and work well.

--C. Ulrich
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