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C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 12:20:37 -0700

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 21:42, you wrote:
> The basic concept is crontabbing something like this:
> for i in (`find / -newer /.lastmirror`) {cp $i /mnt/$i} ; touch
> /.lastmirror
> IE, basically use "/.lastmirror" as a timestamp of when you last copied
> files over, and re-copy anything that's changed since then. Refinements
> include handling deleted files, handling files that change while the
> script above is running, handling symbolic links, excluding certain
> directories (like /tmp) from being backedup/mirrored, reporting errors.
> The script I finally wrote does a pretty good job of handling all that
> (though directories that are symlinks are especially painful).

Actually, I was going to write a script for each machine that archives the 
appropriate files locally and then sends the whole tarball across to the 
server. NFS seems the easiest way to do this.

I just want to preseve my data and a few configuration files (XF86Config, 
junkbuster blockfile, et al). If my entire drive gets corrupt somehow, I 
don't mind reinstalling and reconfiguring the OS (Slackware 8.0). I just 
don't want to loose my precious projects, images, text files, mp3's, etc.

As for symbolic links, I haven't quite figured out how to do that properly. 
In all liklihood, I can ignore it all together since all I want to do is 
backup certain data directories and files, none of which should contain 
symlinks in the first place.

> An easier solution (if you control both machines) is something like rsync.

Possibly... I'm not too familiar with rsync but I'll give it a look. 

> It might also be neat to consider a redundant, reliable,
> non-excessive-bandwidth-consuming, secure, encrypted scheme to backup data
> to free webhosts (geocities, freedrive, hypermart, tripod, et al).

That wouldn't work well.. I don't have the bandwidth, they don't have the 
space, and I'd be too worried about them shutting down my account for not 
following the AUP to the letter. :P

--C. Ulrich
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