Tim Price nmlug@swcp.com
07 Nov 2001 13:18:35 -0700

On Wednesday, November 7, 2001 1:10 PM, Aaron Birenboim <aaron@boim.com> wrote:

>Still a bit of a toss-up (monday vs. thursday).
>Not that I have any authority...  but lets see what happens if
>I say:
>Second Thursday, At Oso Grande, 7:PM.
>Cheryl...  Will this be OK?
>Next...  Does anybody have a presentation they can
>make?   If not, I can try to lead an unstructured
>discussion on the Truman project, or (given recent
>traffic) on the many uses and security issues of ssh...

The second Thursday is tomorrow. That's OK with me if Cheryl and Oso Grande can accommodate us in that short of notice.

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