Michael Young nmlug@swcp.com
07 Nov 2001 14:23:46 -0700

On Wed, 2001-11-07 at 14:07, Tim Price wrote:
> On Wednesday, November 7, 2001 1:58 PM, Don Wilde <Don@silver-lynx.com> wrote:
> >sigh... looks like the worms are still churning in the pail. Am I
> >correct that you CAN'T be there tomorrow, Aaron? Cheryl has reserved the
> >room for us tomorrow, now.
> >-- 
> Since Cheryl has reserved the room, I think we should have a meeting tomorrow.
My previous response was an attempt to be humorous, not to be difficult.
Sorry for not being so serious. It is not a big deal to me which day is
decided upon, as my work schedule may change in the near future anyway.
Which in turn should enable me to attend meetings on whichever day.

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