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Kruchoski Mike P Contr AFOTEC/MDL wrote:
> Aaron.  This is "off-list" because I'm on the base right now.  I know
> scheduling meetings is an enormous pain.  I hadn't weighed in before this,
> not because I wasn't interested, but because I'm already overcommitted.  I
> won't be able to attend because NMIPA (NM Internet Professionals Assn) meets
> on 2nd Thursdays, but even if it wasn't, I have a "back-up" conflict: East
> Region Citizens Advisory Committee (for APS).
> For me, there really isn't EVER a good time.  I'll try to make one of the
> meetings sometime.
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It was brought to my attension that
NMIPA (internet professionals) Meets 2nd thursday.

I DEFINATELY do not want to conflict with them.

so...  2nd Thurs is out.

Lets continue seeing how Monday goes...
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