[NMLUG] Truman MS

Warner Losh nmlug@swcp.com
Sat, 10 Nov 2001 10:52:43 -0700

In message <mepqut8ruppcaobkjg48n99o9b6n3llk5d@4ax.com> Steve Browne writes:
: Most of us know your oratorical arguments. I started with Linux six
: years ago when there wasn't much choice of GUI interfaces. 

I ran Linux on a 486 DX33 with 32M RAM and X and twm, tvtwm and fvwm
(and emacs) and it was fine for everyday stuff.  Sure, a little slow,
but adequate for my needs (I was developing a C++ GUI toolkit and
interface builder at the time for my employer).  When I had to give
back 1/2 of my RAM, it did start to suck, however.

These fast machines today have taught more imatience than anything
else :-).


P.S.  I am typing this from a 900MHz machine that's light-years faster
than the old knee knocking 486.  Just wanted to point out that it
could be done.
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