[NMLUG] Where to troubleshoot?!?

GEOFF SMITH nmlug@swcp.com
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 09:44:03 -0700

I've been having a hard time finding relevant and accurate troubleshooting
for Mandrake Linux. I initially loaded it on a Dell Latitude LS400
super-slim notebook. Of course it had the usual problems with the winmodem
and soundcard but there were other problems too (mostly networking). I
loaded the same software on a run-of-the-mill Dell desktop (thinking I could
alleviate the tricky laptop issues) and essentially had the same problems. I
tried the most popular on-line resources for troubleshooting and none of
them seemed to help. I tried the newbie sites and they "explained" the
problems but didn't offer solutions. Most of the problems I solved on my own
(but with many late nights and repeated steps). I went to Borders bookstore
to see what kind of troubleshooting books were available. None. Even CompUSA
didn't have anything that could help me. I realize that I need to read more
about the basics of Linux but in the meantime it would be nice to have a
full operational Linux box (laptop or desktop) to play with while I learn.
Any suggestions? 

Geoff Smith
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