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Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:17:34 -0700 (MST)

> What I do now is dump my databases every night, then
> check the dump files into RCS.
> This way I can recover if somebody commits some
> malicious mischief to the DB.
> PostGres probobally supports something slicker, but
> I'm no DB expert, and this seems to work well, and
> consume very little disk space.

Older versions of PostgreSQL used to have a neat feature called "time
travel"; when enabled, it let you see what your database looked like at
any time (ie, it basically kept track of DELETEs, UPDATEs, etc, and kept a
log of what those rows looked like before they were changed/deleted). So
if someone really screwed up your database in the last 24 hours, you could
restore it to what it looked like 24 hours ago. You could also go back and
see when certain rows were deleted, updated, etc.

However, this feature seemed to cause a lot of problems (I tried using it
once, and the database sometimes spuriously jumped back in time without my
asking it to), and it's been dropped (AFAIK) in the current releases.

- Sarang

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