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Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:17:50 -0700 (MST)

> > > It might also be neat to consider a redundant, reliable,
> > > non-excessive-bandwidth-consuming, secure, encrypted scheme to backup
> > > data to free webhosts (geocities, freedrive, hypermart, tripod, et al).
> >
> > Hmmm....  how might I go about that?
> > It might make sense to back up really critical data that way.
> >
> I would only do it for semi-critical data, if that. The main problem is that
> of availability. How do you know they won't shut down your accounts at an
> inopportune time? How do you know their web servers (or whatever) won't be
> down when you need them most?

You raise excellent points. Here are my totally preliminary thoughts on
how I'd do something like this manually -- obviously, the ultimate goal
(project?) would be to automate the whole thing so you could treat the
Internet as a giant personal hard drive ;)

% Obtain multiple free server accounts on different servers.

% The "copy file to Internet" command would consist of encrypting the
file, command-line FTP'ing it over to THREE accounts on three different
servers (possibly creating subdirectories on the way), and updating an
index file on your local hard drive.

% Keep track of how much space you have left (divided by 3 for the triple
redundancy above), and create more accounts as needed.

% Crontab check to make sure no accounts you've created have been deleted.
If one IS deleted, create a new account, and use the redundant 2 servers
to restore triple redundancy.

% The "copy file from Internet" command would be a command-line FTP (with
a '||' in case one server was down) and a decrypt routine.

% Of course, you'd want to add the following "Internet filesystem
commands" later on:

inet-rm: remove data from free servers
inet-mv: copy data to/from free servers and then rm
inet-ls: use the local index file to list files stored on the Internet
inet-fixls: synchronize local index file to actual data on freeservers
inet-fsck: confirm all accounts in index file are open and readable

% Manually, all this would be a pain... automatically, if done well, it
could become so easy that you could really use the Internet as a network

% ObMoral: to anyone really unhappy w/ using free web space as file
storage space, there are a few servers out there (freedrive.com off the
top of my head) that actaully encourage personal file storage versus
giving out free websites.

% Ob$: Of course, if pay-for storage space on the Internet is cheap, the
whole point above may be moot (though it'd still be spiffy to try it).
What is the going rate for pay-for online storage space these days?

- Sarang

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