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Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:38:14 -0700 (MST)

> |And now, some propaganda: Monday! Yes! The beginning of another new week! The
> |start of another 5-day coffee binge! The official Day of The Week for the
> |NMLUG meetings (pending group approval)! Act now! Etc, etc!!

I shall now argue the contrarian viewpoint...

Top 10 Reasons NMLUG Should Not Have Meetings

10. Computer nerds shy even in small groups, will tend to stare into space.

 9. Alien members of NMLUG have difficulty assuming human form.

 8. Most NMLUG members extremely unattractive despite DNRC membership.

 7. It's the 21st century -- everything should be virtual.

 6. Flame wars between BSD and Linux could lead to rioting.

 5. Flame wars between Linux distributions could lead to boredom.

 4. Small contingent of Truman Middle Schoolers now following NMLUG
members may prevent entry into adult-only establishments.

 3. Guy who will show up asking "can I run it on Windows?"

 2. Large number of stuffed penguins may lead to dreaded "critical penguin

and the number one reason NMLUG shouldn't have meetings....

 1. Networked QUAKE marathon will take up 90% of meeting time.

The Alternative

Have we considered meeting virtually? IRC channel, AOL chat room (yes, you
can enter AOL chat rooms using Linux), something of that nature. I agree
it's not as good as face-to-face, but we'll probably get a higher turnout,
and it's more "live" than a mailing list. We could even setup some sort of
NMLUG IRC "lounge" where members could hang out to talk with other

A long time ago, I used to hang out on Jay's House MOO, which was a
non-typical MOO in the sense that everyone there was extremely intelligent
and used Unix; I learned a lot asking questions there -- I think we could
do something similar with NMLUG.

- Sarang

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