C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 23:08:26 -0700

On Monday 12 November 2001 19:38, you wrote:
> > |And now, some propaganda: Monday! Yes! The beginning of another new
> > | week! The start of another 5-day coffee binge! The official Day of The
> > | Week for the NMLUG meetings (pending group approval)! Act now! Etc,
> > | etc!!
> I shall now argue the contrarian viewpoint...
> Top 10 Reasons NMLUG Should Not Have Meetings
> =============================================


Haha, those cracked me up. They should go on the webpage or in an NMLUG FAQ 
(if there is one). 

> Have we considered meeting virtually? IRC channel, AOL chat room (yes, you
> can enter AOL chat rooms using Linux), something of that nature. I agree
> it's not as good as face-to-face, but we'll probably get a higher turnout,
> and it's more "live" than a mailing list. We could even setup some sort of
> NMLUG IRC "lounge" where members could hang out to talk with other
> members?

I thought about asking about this once, but I figured most people here would 
be too busy actually living their respectives lives rather than idling on IRC 
like me. IRC, in my opinion, would be the way to go since it 1) has been the 
(first and) standard chat protocol 2) has clients for every operating system 
imaginable, both console and GUI 3) is open-source friendly. :)

After that, the only question is what server to host the channel on. I have a 
couple in mind but I'll wait and see if there's any actual interest in such a 

> A long time ago, I used to hang out on Jay's House MOO, which was a
> non-typical MOO in the sense that everyone there was extremely intelligent
> and used Unix; I learned a lot asking questions there -- I think we could
> do something similar with NMLUG.

I think so too. The server and channel would have to be announced on the main 
page and in the FAQ (again, if there is one) if we ever want any newbies to 

Note: I just looked on the nmlug.org webpage, and there is an FAQ, but it's a 
pull-down menu dealing with technical issues, not MNLUG-specific questions 
such as "Where is the NMLUG IRC channel?"

--C. Ulrich
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