[NMLUG] Console Resolution

Ed Heron nmlug@swcp.com
Wed, 14 Nov 2001 17:34:19 -0700

>I'm currently running at 80x25, and the monitor is showing the
>resolution as 720x400.

>Is there a way to get my Linux console to run at 1024x768?  I've tried
>SVGATextMode, but that didn't seem to help, unless I did something

  Since you are specifically asking about text modes for the console, if 
you use lilo, you could set 'vga=ask' then when it prompts you, press '?'. 
 Choose your mode.  Keep doing this until you have decided on a specific 
mode.  Then, write down the hex number and change lilo.conf so that 
'vga=0x<hex number>'.  I generally run in 132x60 for my console.

  P.S.  I'm assuming you are relatively familiar with lilo.  If you need 
more specific instructions, let me know.

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