IRC - was Re: [NMLUG] NMLUG Meeting

John Fleck
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 09:37:15 -0700

On Thu, Nov 15, 2001 at 09:00:05AM -0700, Aaron Birenboim wrote:
> > > Have we considered meeting virtually? IRC channel,
> I see no need for discussion.
> Set up an IRC channel, and let us know its name, and
> how/where to access it.

Cool. I'm up for this. I usually have an IRC window open when I'm

> I dunno if we want to have a meeting time, but I'd certainly
> keep an IRC window up while I'm working on the computer...
> I just need to remember how to set it up.
> Is BitchX the client of choice these days?

BitchX is more than a little offensive for several reasons. The first
is its name, which is intentionally misogynist. And by default, it
installs a set of randomly chosen /quit messages that raise the
offensiveness by an order of magnitude. The computer world is already
a bit too much of a boys' club - why go out of our way to be overtly

That said, on technical grounds it's a fine IRC client, which I use in
a pinch if I only have access to a terminal window. If you have all of
the dependencies installed (it needs the gtk+ libraries, and
optionally can be compiled with GNOME support enabled, though I have
no idea what difference that makes), I recommend Xchat
( instead. It has more cool GUI goodies.

John Fleck (h),
"A M00se once bit my sister..."
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