C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Thu, 15 Nov 2001 11:37:50 -0700

On Thursday 15 November 2001 09:00, you wrote:
> > > Have we considered meeting virtually? IRC channel,
> I see no need for discussion.
> Set up an IRC channel, and let us know its name, and
> how/where to access it.
> I'm not all that knowledgable about IRC, but I think
> all we need is an understanding about what the channel will be.
> (is NMLUG available?)

Once a server and channel is chosen, we can use it as a forum to learn more 
about IRC. :) I would be a pretty good tutor, I've been chatting on various 
IRC severs for 5+ years now.

> Does anybody out there know how to run a bot to maintain
> the channel?

A bot won't be neccessary as long as the server has some decent services 
running. (ChanServ, NickServ, MemoServ, etc) Any IRC network worth it's 
weight in beans will have services.

> Would we be better off if somebody in the group hosted an IRC server?

Probably not, since my intuition says most people on this list already have 
enough to do. I'd say that time would be better donated working on NMLUG 
projects already in progress, such as the high school UNIX project. Plus, 
there are already dozens of really decent networks to choose from. In my 
experience, it would be best to stay away from the larger networks like 
DALnet and EFnet because their servers tend to be relatively unstable. (And 
we'd have to deal with spammers, l4m3rs, and the like.)

irc.slashnet.org and irc.openprojects.net might be good candidates, but I'd 
certainly be open to other suggestions. In addition, those two are also 
centered around the Unix and open-source community, much like NMLUG itself.

> I dunno if we want to have a meeting time, but I'd certainly
> keep an IRC window up while I'm working on the computer...
> I just need to remember how to set it up.
> Is BitchX the client of choice these days?

I noticed in a recent message that you already got xchat working. That's a 
pretty good client. In fact, the same one I use.

How about this: tonight, after I get back from class (~8:30PM) I'll join 
#nmlug on irc.slashnet.org and see who else shows up just to get the ball 
rolling. My nick is Eil. If anyone objects to the this server (with a good 
reason), we'll work it out on the mailing list and choose another. I don't 
see why this server would be a problem, I'm just don't want to come across as 
if I'm saying, "this is where we'll meet and that's final." :P

--C. Ulrich
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