[NMLUG] Truman status

Aaron Birenboim nmlug@swcp.com
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 16:17:21 -0700

I threw an extra 2G disk into the library loaner machine
and did a "minimal" bsd install.  It seems to work.
I moved the old W95 disk to the secondary master.
We may use it for storage later.
I could use some help getting this machine
populated.  Minimal is too small.  We will
need to install some more packages, and the ports tree.
It has 32M of PC66 or perhaps 100 RAM.  We could use more.

I attached the two big 3-com hubs.
Don: you can have your hub back.
There was no power supply for that 17 port hub.
Does its original owner know if it has an uplink
twisted pair port, or just on the 10b2?
If we get power for it, I guess we could make a twisted
cable to get it talking to another hub, if necessary.
It may not be.  We could put it on the wall.

The converted library machine, and the W95 machine
(loaner from MRC) are on one hub, and working
on the internet.  The tower machine still has network problems.
We should try replacing the NIC, or trying another IP.

Heather's HP printer may not work.  We need to make sure
the HW is OK before we waste time configuring it on FreeBSD and Samba.
They have an old *huge* laserjet, III I think.  HP.
It needs toner.  Is there any chance that this takes
an obsolete toner cartridge that we could get donated?

Next most important tasks, as I see them:

   1) Get a gateway (router) machine built.
      I want a degree of seperation from the APS network.
   2) Get software installed on connie (the library loaner).
      The kids want seats.  That means getting X running.
      And netscape.

Terry:   If possible, I'd like to get the following
questions answered...

    1)  Can we have a block of addresses assigned to us.
        Something on the network.
        Your mac is, and I set up
        connie at  The MRC machine
        seems to be happy at
        Tower seems a bit upset at
           Perhaps its conflicting with something.

    2)  Can the APS network folks tell us an appropriate
        (non-routable) network we could use for a private net?
        It looks like APS is using a significant portion
        of the private address space.
        Is there a "class c" chunk of that we can use?
        If not...  can they tell me if they are routing
        to any of the network?  If not, I can
        place your private net in that space.
        Bottom line:  We want to know of a standard
        private network space (non-routable by APS) that
        we can use for our classroom(s).

Terry, If this is confusing you, just print it out
and/or forward it to the APS networking staff.  They
should be able to answer my question.

I intend to put ONE of our machines on the 192.168.106.*
network, and have it serve as a NAT (Network Address Translation)
gateway to the rest of the classroom.  This keeps their
unnecessary traffic off of our network, and vica-versa.
It also means that I only need to check on IP address
availability with them ONCE, and we need never speak again.

As usual, we could really use the support and time
from more NMLUG members.  I have mentioned this
project to a co-worker who would be really
interested in a project like this for her
Christian school.  She assures me that this is
a simple, working-class private school, worthy
of charitable donations.  (No ABQ acadamy).
I kind of like the idea of working with a private
school (less red-tape), but as a non-christian, I'm
a bit hesitant to support a christian institution.
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