[NMLUG] simple audio editing

Matt Grommes nmlug@swcp.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 17:58:32 -0700

A search for 'wav edit' on www.freshmeat.net turns up 17 hits that look 
like what you're looking for.

is a direct link.

An interesting one near the bottom is WavSplit - 

Aaron Birenboim wrote:

> I want to get some simple audio editing tools.
> I just want to be able to cut a single audio file
> into smaller pieces.
> One main use:  Record a side of a vinyl record, then
> split into tracks.
> Can anybody suggest any good, free tools to do this?
> Unless I can get some solid tools, I'll write a program to report
> a volume level every 1/10th second or so.  Print out
> the results.  Then write a script which will take "cut"
> times and run something like sox to cut up the files.
> It just seems to me that somebody must have done something
> slicker than this, and made it available for free.
> Its not too hard.


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