[NMLUG] old discussion: Albuquerque ISP

C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Tue, 20 Nov 2001 21:09:30 -0700

On Tuesday 20 November 2001 20:48, you wrote:
> hi,
>  i work for cybermesa.com. i am the benchtech/in house network guy.
> anyway cybermesa is pro linux/bsd. i have answerd many a tech call to
> help a fellow linux user connect. to be honest i jump to the phone or
> conter when someone mentions linux.we have several t1s in albq. our back
> bone backbone for the state goes right through abq. offering low ping
> times.so if your tired of qwests utter lack of customer service or care ,
> and you would like a pro linux isp...call us 9889200...also we offer free
> web space and give all of our users a shell account by default! the shell
> account  is kinda weak though...however few people use the shells and i
> would glady push through a request (like make install,etc) for serious
> users.hope yall dont mind me saying all this...but someone did ask for
> advice.
> jd
> jasond@cybermesa.com

First, I definitely don't mind as it's exactly the kind of response I was 
hoping for. :)

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to compare you to Thuntek for a moment... 
how much web space do you offer? And what OS runs the shell accounts? What 
are the limits on it? (For reference, I normally just want the ability to 
download large files quickly and then pull them down through my modem. But I 
sometimes like to access newsgroups or run a perl script on a machine with a 
fast connection or build the very occasional C/C++ program, no 'make install' 
needed.) How much space on the shell account?

Thanks in advance. :)

--C. Ulrich
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