[NMLUG] old discussion: Albuquerque ISP

C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 18:48:14 -0700

On Wednesday 21 November 2001 16:55, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 20 November 2001 21:55, you wrote:
> > im not sure what we offer i 'll have to ask one of the real phone tecs
> > tommorow...i basically only answer the phones for linux connect
> > questions..never sales. maybe try our web page i know you can sighn up on
> > the web so i imagine account information will be there too.
> > jd
> I couldn't find any information on the shell account...
> --C. Ulrich

Sorry, I jumped the gun a bit on that. I see the description for the shell 
account, but it doesn't seem to imply that it comes with a regular dialup 
account as well. The page also does not specify the OS or limits of the shell 
account. I like the 15MB of web space. I'm not crazy about the domain name 
aliases offered, but that doesn't matter much.

One last thing about cybermesa (and spinn.net): Are there any limits on the 
max time you're allowed to be connected? I was thinking about thuntek.net, 
but their tech support replied today that their modems disconnect you every 4 
hours whether you're doing something useful or not. That's unacceptable to 
me... I'm online for more than 4 hours quite often, and it would be a severe 
pain in the ass when trying to download something big, which I sometimes do.

So it looks like spinn.net is in the lead, although I wish they offered more 
than 6MB of storage. I guess I can find space elsewhere. Cybermesa.com comes 
in second until I get more information on their shell accounts. I'm going to 
send them an email in regards to it, but those in the know can always drop me 
a message, which would be appreciated. :)

--C. Ulrich
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