[NMLUG] Linux Firewall

Kyle nmlug@swcp.com
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 19:15:47 -0700

  I again state that I am a newbie.  Here is what I am looking for if it

 Linux based firewall
 Prefer web based interface
 Easy setup

 I like some of the stuff like stateful packet inspection, but maybe asking
too much there.

  EASY is key here....with very good instructions....

  Gonna run it on a Celery 400, tons of RAM.  Currently have a Dlink and a
3c905 for NIC's...but could get others if needed.

 I've looked at Coyote and it is probably the closest I have found...just
doesn't support my NIC's as best I can tell.....

  PS: I am nervous about IPChains with WebMin as the one time I tried that
combo the box was compromised in a matter of days...just got lucky that the
perp was an idiot and left a trail a mile wide or I may have never know.

  Any input greatly appreciated.....

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