[NMLUG] X windows resolution

Michael Young nmlug@swcp.com
24 Nov 2001 12:22:40 -0700

On Sat, 2001-11-24 at 04:56, Michael Starnes wrote:
> I bought a new hard drive for my linux box and installed Mandrake 7.2.
> The install went ok but X starts up at 1280 X 1024. Everything is too
> small so I'm trying to get it to do 1024 X 768. In XF86Config I first
> tried commenting out all the modelines for 1280 X 1024 then even copied
> the XF86Config file from the old hard drive with no luck. What else is
> controlling resolution?

*Note* if you are using xfree86 4.x the config file is XF86config-4.

Look for sections similar to this...

Section "Screen"
    Driver      "svga"
    Device      "ATI Rage 128"
    Monitor     "Dell D1028L"
    DefaultColorDepth 16

    Subsection "Display"
        Depth       16
        Modes       "1280x1024" 
        ViewPort    0 0

Then change all "mode" references in subsection "display" from 1280x1024
to 1024x768 or whatever depth you wish. Restart the Xserver, and all
should be as you want.


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