[NMLUG] fs corruption bug in 2.4.15

C. Ulrich nmlug@swcp.com
Sun, 25 Nov 2001 01:43:44 -0700

On Saturday 24 November 2001 22:51, you wrote:
> That's what you get for putting yourself in the position of a beta
> tester. There was a time when I'd run to compile the latest kernel,
> but that was when the old kernel wasn't doing everything right. Now I
> say, what's the point of cutting-edge upgrades. I used to visit often
> the Mandrake "cooker" for beta releases and make a big mess out of my
> system. Now I've stopped wasting time and wait for Mandrake to issue a
> new release. I'd rather be DOING something WITH the system.

I used to upgrade kernels all the time too, even when I didn't really need 
to. But I have since stopped partly because it got boring and mostly because 
my 2.4.5 kernel (from Slackware 8.0) functions perfectly on all three 
machines I run it on. Well, there are NFS hiccups but that's pretty much it.

I used to play around on a lot on my system but these days I'd rather just 
use it to browse the web, IRC, read email play games and occasionaly squash 
bugs in my < 100 line C and perl programs.

> On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with being a beta tester if
> that's how you want to spend your time.

Some people do quite enjoy being on the cutting edge. It's just that some of 
them aren't smart enough to do it on systems with no important data on them. 

--C. Ulrich
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