[NMLUG] GNU and the GPL

Kyle nmlug@swcp.com
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 21:01:11 -0700

  I have been watching a tread on the Smoothwall mailing list.  It looks
like this great product is about to go proprietary and commercial, dropping
the GPL for their product.  While they may keep some version of it GPL'd
that is definatly not clear at this point.

  The main complaint from the Smoothwall folks seems to be the lack of
support from the end users.  Their software lets you know up front that it
is going to send information to them about installs - and he says he gets
300+ installs a day, with 1-2 registrations per day.  I can see his
frustration as this is a truly excellent project and product.

  In the techno drizzle of the last year, where do you guys thing the GPL
stands, and what will it take to keep high quality GPL products alive.  I
mean the folks doing all of this fantastic work deserve to make a decent
living at it (IMHO).

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