SuSE -- was Re: [NMLUG] Slackware users?

Aaron Birenboim
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 17:31:38 -0700

Kelly Wilson wrote:

> ..SuSe is also a big contributor to the Xfree project.  In the Pro
> versions, Logical Volume Manager and ReiserFS are built-in and easy to
> setup, use, and manage....
> Also, the software online-update and patch system
> works very well.

Thats what broke for me.  I have a catch-22 where it won't install
some old stuff since some things are newer.... and won't install some
new stuff due to some older stuff.  I'll give you specific errors if you

I needed to upgrade the kernel for a fancy audio card.
The X driver never totally worked for my nvidia card, so I'd like
to upgrade the X stuff.  (Odd snow artifacts, and no energy saver)
I also had to re-do the ide-scsi for my cdrw.  May not have been totally
necessary, but it needed to be done for the new kernel.

So...  the original install was sub-par, and I was hoping that newer
versions would solve some problems.  Now I'm hosed.

The system works, but still has some Audio, X and CDRW "features"
i'd like to see if newer versions address.

7.1 didn't have LVM, but I'm using Reiser with sucess.

>  These are for security and bug-fixes, not system
> upgrades

What about trying to see if system-upgrades fix bugs?
(or missing features like energy-star monitor shut-down)

The only SuSE system I have is my personal workstation.
I am unhappy about being asked to drop another $70 for
Professional edition 7.3 just 6 months after 7.1, on the
slight possibility that it might drive my video card and
audio correctly!  (Plus the risk of data loss in re-install)

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