[NMLUG] Linux-centric issue of Network Computing

Ken Long nmlug@swcp.com
Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:50:24 -0700

The Nov 26 issue of Network Computing has several good articles on Linux.


Linux Special Report: Are We There Yet? 
By Kevin Novak and Patrick Mueller 

Seventeen months after our last report on Linux, the open-source OS is 
picking up speed on its journey toward the enterprise, spurred on by the 
glut of worms and viruses plaguing Microsoft's products. We identify some 
remaining roadblocks to adoption and suggest ways to get around them.  

Online Only   Locked Down Out of The Box
By Kevin Novak and Patrick Mueller

Security-enhanced Linux distributions strive to plug security holes left 
by some traditional Linux offerings. We examine two of the most 
promising: EnGarde Secure Linux, which is completely downloadable from 
the company's Web site; and Immunix, which features resistance to almost 
all types of buffer overflow attack methods.  

Review: SuSE Queues Up For a Clean Sweep
By Kevin Novak and Patrick Mueller

We tested five enterprise-class Linux distributions, examining each for 
its server capabilities. We also looked at the workstation functionality 
of four of the five offerings. SuSE swept us off our feet, earning our 
Editor's Choice award in both categories.  

Online Only Product Features for Non-Standard Workstation-Specific Linux 

Companies featured: Caldera International, MandrakeSoft, Red Hat, SuSE 
Linux and TurboLinux

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