[NMLUG] Upcoming Perl CGI Class

Matt Grommes nmlug@swcp.com
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 14:13:37 -0700

I hate to get into 2 arguments in one day so I'm just going to say that 
no, Perl is not passe. :)

However, :) I can't resist the chance to bash some Perl misconceptions 
(I almost wrote FUD but I don't know if you meant it that way and like I 
say, I don't want to get into another big argument today) so I'll just 
give the standard Perl Monk answers:

Perl syntax is only crazy if you want it to be. It can look like C if 
you want or it can be crazy obfuscated oneliners. One of the best things 
about Perl is the motto TIMTOWTDI (There Is More Than One Way To Do It). 
If I want to get an app up and running quickly, I can do most things in 
1/10 the time and 1/10 the lines of Perl code than I can in C. The main 
thing is, it's up to you. I use Perl as do many others who know better 
than I do but you don't have to. If you don't want to use it, don't. PHP 
is a cool language for what it's made for. C is a cool language for what 
it's made for. Etc., etc., etc.

Also, CGI is not a Perl term. CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is the term 
for how any program communicates with a webpage. If your program runs on 
the server and communicates with or creates webpages, you're using CGI. 
It doesn't matter 1 tiny little bit but I'm a nitpicker, what can I say.

Don Wilde wrote:

> Matt Grommes wrote:
>>I'd like to put in a recommendation of Joe's class for anybody
>>interested in Perl. He's a heck of a guy and a great Perl programmer.
> Any programming class is valuable, but can we have a count as to how
> many active design groups still use CGI? I can see mod_perl as useful (I
> use PHP4 as well as Apache C modules), but isn't Perl/CGI pretty much
> passe for new development? Wouldn't it be better to point beginning
> programmers to something cleaner like Python? Perl syntax and semantics
> are soooo crazy!
> It used to be true that you had to use Perl because that was what was
> universally installed, but the only reason I can see to use Perl is the
> extension modules available. You'd need to have the server provider
> install them as a special favor anyway. Now that Linux and BSD servers
> are so readily  available, and understood by everybody (on this list, at
> least), adding a particular language to support your application isn't
> difficult.


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